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From the National Football Foundation 2017-2018 Report:


“Amazing College Football Popularity Highlighted by Impressive Ratings and Attendance Data”


College football ranks as the nation’s second most popular sport with TV games reaching more than 200 million unique fans and 47.6 million fans actually attending games in 2017.


Fifty-six percent of US adults cited themselves as college football fans in a recent Gallup Poll – which is more than professional baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer.


Close to half of those citing themselves as college football fans are women.


For the past college football season, nearly half the total viewers were female (about 77.5 million), about 28.7 million were Millennials ages 18-34 and 71.9 million were between the ages of 35 and 64 (which is nearly 60% of that demographics’ population).


From an ethnicity standpoint, college football reaches about 23.5 million African-Americans and about 15 million Hispanics—that represents nearly 60% of all African-American viewers and nearly 30% of all Hispanic viewers.


To illustrate the appeal of college football, USC attracted an average of 72,683 fans to its home games during 2017.  At their Sept. 16, 2017 game against Texas, the USC crowd of 84,714 eclipsed the crowds for the LA Rams (56,612) and the LA Chargers (25,381) – combined.

College football fans are 20% more likely to be Republican than Democrat, and are 7% more likely to donate to religious causes.

The percentage of viewership increases as household income increases, and as the level of education increases.


With Walk On, we have an excellent opportunity to create and market a movie that appeals to both college football fans and Christians, as well as NFL fans.  The last film to successfully execute such a broad-appeal marketing strategy to both core groups was The Blind Side, which integrated elements of faith into its storyline, but was not considered a Christian movie.


Top Grossing Christian Movies

1.  The Passion of the Christ - $370,782,930

2.  The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe - $291,710,957

3.  Narnia: Prince Caspian - $141,621,490

4.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $104,386,950

5.  Heaven is for Real - $91,443,253

6.  I Can Only Imagine - $83,482,352

7.  War Room - $67,790,117

8.  Miracles from Heaven - $61,705,123

9.  God's Not Dead - $60,755,732

10.  Son of God - $59,700,064

Top Grossing Football Movies

1.  The Blind Side - $255,959,475

2.  The Waterboy - $161,491,646

3.  The Longest Yard - $158,119,460

4.  Remember the Titans - $115,654,751

5.  Any Given Sunday - $75,530,832

6.  Friday Night Lights - $61,255,921

7.  Invincible - $57,806,952

8.  Varsity Blues - $52,894,169

9.  Radio - $52,333,738

10.  The Replacements - $44,737,059
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