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The Film - Synopsis

Walk On is the incredible, true story of Ben Malcolmson, a fifth-grade pee-wee football dropout.  As a senior journalism major at USC, Ben decided to write an article about the unheralded walk-ons of the #1 USC Trojans football team under Coach Pete Carroll, and went through the tryouts himself - just as part of his research – never hoping or dreaming he’d actually make the squad.  But he did.


Sensing that God had placed him there for a reason, Ben fought through injury and adversity to remain on the team.  And he became USC’s version of Rudy, complete with a Get Ben In! campaign launched by his fraternity brothers and other students determined to reward Ben's struggles and get him into a game, climaxing at the last home game of the season… against Notre Dame.


However, the tragic, untimely death of a teammate cast a long shadow on Ben’s success, and he thought his efforts to find God's purpose for him on the team were a complete and total failure.  But years later, with Ben now working for Pete Carroll at the Seattle Seahawks, Ben finally learned of the profound, life-changing impact his faith and his friendship actually had on his teammates.

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